Lohia Auto Industries humsafar LDi : Loading Bay

Partha Sen Chowdhury, head of sales and marketing, LML has said to BSM that the company is going to launch the 110cc Freedom motorcycle, the two stroke scooter LML NV and an all new four stroke gearless scooter to be called ‘Star Automatic’. “We are also planning to come up with 125cc and 150cc motorbikes, apart from the 125cc Unisex scooters and 150cc and above lifestyle scooters” he added.

LML Ltd., has already registered with the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) as a sick industrial company. A revival scheme though is in the works and the company plans to leverage its brand exposure in markets like Delhi and Punjab. The LML Freedom and Star Automatic will be available in 70 outlets in Delhi and Punjab by mid-May. LML also plans to expand to markets in n Gujarat and Maharashtra, where these products will be launched in three months.

The company hopes to sell around 50-60 units per dealer. Considering the expected 70 outlets in Delhi and Punjab and 12 in Gujarat and around 20-25 in Maharashtra, Business Standard estimates that would mean close to 77,000 units, which far exceeds LML’s exports of 40,000 units last year.

LML also points out that the company has managed to sell decent numbers even in Piaggio’s home turf.

Source Business Standard