BMW X4 Concept Leaked 05

If reports are to be believed it may seem BMW and the Chinese firm Brilliance may be planning a new sub brand called Zhi Nuo, which literally means ‘The Promise’. The older 3 Series and X1 are expected to lay the foundation for the newer models planned under the the BMW-Brilliance brand. BMW has a plant in Shenyang, China and under Chinese regulations, have to develop a new brand in collaboration with their local partner. China also lays down the condition that a major part of the range of cars under the new brand should be hybrid or fully electric. This helps Chinese automakers build cars good enough to spearhead China’s expansion into global markets.

Clever move, China.

AutoNews also reports that Nissan and Dongfeng have launched a brand called Venucia and Honda and Dongfeng have launched Ciimo, both brands that made their debut at the Beijing auto show last year. The Ciimo sedan is based on the last generation Civic while the Venucia D50 is based on Nissan’s Tiida.

Source: AutoNews, China Car Times via Autoblog