Jeep Cherokee 2014

The story of Fiat’s 6 year old tryst with Tata Motors has finally come to an end. Fiat now wants to pull up its socks and start getting models out of the showroom and onto the streets. “We all believe that we have scratched the bottom of the barrel,” Enrico Atanasio, managing director of Fiat India told Reuters. “(Our performance) is not what the brand deserves.” A market share of 0.3% this fiscal year stands testament to Atanasio’s statement. Having sold an absymal 203 units this February, Fiat has to step on the untrodden path and try to rebuild the brand.

The Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler due for India are the baby steps towards this goal. Fiat also plans to bring in the Abarth variants of the Fiat 500 and the Punto to cater to the enthusiast.

Atanasio believes Fiat can end 2013 with 1% of the market and aim for 5% longer term. Fiat also plans to end this year with at least 112 dealers. There are also plans in 2015 to being production and export of a mini SUV under the Jeep brand. Atanasio however has said that Fiat will not launch a new model in the lower priced segment which rakes in the volumes for the lieks of Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai.

Abarth Punto Evo Coimbatore 01

Source: ET