Renault Pulse : Glove box

Secret car compartments, known as ‘traps’ in automotive slang, whether in real life, or in spy movies have for long excited every automotive enthusiast. WIRED details the story of Alfred Anaya, resident of San Fernando, California who can build you one such compartment for a price around $5000. The article mentions secret compartments that do not require the addition of any aftermarket switches that might be noticed by law enforcement officials. The compartments open just by using the standard buttons, but in a specified sequence. One law enforcement official mentions the ‘Silicon Valley of trap making’ where compartments have been built that require voice activation!

A very interesting read providing a glimpse into something we wouldn’t have given a second thought to as being tangible in real life.

Secret Compartments unlocking sequence illustrated by  Paul Pope for WIRED

Secret Compartment unlocking sequence illustrated by Paul Pope for WIRED

Source : WIRED via TheVerge