After Pinninfarina, Bertone is the other Italian studio that is very well known.  Bertone has enjoyed a very successful relationship with Aston Martin for a little over 60 years now.  It looks like a customer (who did not want to be identified) commissioned Bertone to work their magic on the Aston Martin Rapide.  So here is a one off by the famed designer studio which customised the Rapide and called it the Jet 2+2.  Bertone did most of the customising at the rear of the car and made it a proper hatch by lifting the roof line.  That also means a wee bit more of headroom for those who are insane enough to occupy the rear seats of the car. Bertone left the engine as it is so it is the same 6 litre V12 pumping out a stonking 476 horse power.

Bertone Jet 2 Plus 2 Geneva

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