Tata Motors Two Millionth Truck 02

Tata Motors’ Jamshedpur plant which manufactures over 200 variants of Tata multi-axle trucks, tractor-trailers, tippers, mixers and special application vehicles for civilian and defense markets produced their two millionth truck today. The plant was started in 1945 to manufacture steam locomotive, with truck manufacturing starting in 1954. The plant has been thoroughly modernized in the last ten years.

Mr. Karl Slym, Managing Director, Tata Motors, said, “We are proud that the mother plant of the company, from where our operations started, has today released its 2 millionth truck. We have modernised the plant through the years, which today produces our most technologically rich and high performing civilian and defence products, catering to customers across the world.”

The Jamshedpur plant also houses the Design & Engineering Centre where the trucks are conceptualized and engineered. The plant also houses facilities casting and forging the components required. Every five minutes a truck rolls off the assembly line.
Tata Motors Two Millionth Truck 01