McLaren has confirmed the global debut of the McLaren P1 at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show on the 5th of March, 2013. Unveiled last year at Paris as a design study, the P1 is expected to be powered by the MP4-12C’s V8 but churning out in excess of 800bhp with an additional 200 bhp expected from the KERS system.

While we have already detailed the P1 as a design study in this post, McLaren has now provided us with an image ( and the video) that shows probably the first uncamouflaged image of the production spec P1. The biggest difference as most of you will tell, is that rear wing. Of course, the image is from the in dash display of the P1 which shows the P1 in slightly toned down glory.

McLaren P1 2013 Geneva Debut

The P1 gets a ‘Race’ mode which when activated extends the large double element adjustable ‘active’ rear wing, which then tilts to improve the downforce on the cars rear wheels. In Race mode the display also throws up a set of lights that go green,red and blue taunting you to upshift.

McLaren P1 : Screen

McLaren P1 : Screen

McLaren P1 Production Testing 01

McLaren P1 Production Testing 03

McLaren P1 Design Study Paris Motor Show 03McLaren P1 Design Study Paris Motor Show 01