Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India launching the Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive Experience

Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India launching the Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive Experience

Are you a track junkie? Or do you prefer the lack of confines of the open road in exotic locales? Mercedes-Benz India now has a comprehensive suite of driving events to cater to all types of driving enthusiasts in the country. The Star Drive Experience will introduce the enthusiast to the technical prowess of various Mercedes-Benz models, in controlled environments, including the AMG variants.

The International Driving Platform offers enthusiasts the chance drive Mercedes-Benz vehicles in exotic locales. The three events currently lined up are GRAZ, Winter Driving Experience and a World Tour. GRAZ, is an event where you’ll be flown to witness the birth of a G-Class in Graz, Australia and experience the off-road prowess of the G-Class in an around the picturesque towns of Graz. The Winter Driving Experience will put you behind the wheel of E 63 AMG, the C 63 AMG and the SLK 55 AMG in the freezing temperatures of Arjeplog, Sweden, near the Arctic Circle where you can enhance your driving skills on ice and snow. The World Tour is what intrigues us the most. Scheduled to start on 16th September 2013, the World Tour begins in Poland, and the next 47 days are spent traversing 17000 kms through Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan in your own G-Class before finally ending in India on 1st November 2013.

Eberhard Kern Inaugurates First SUV Test Track In India at Chakan, Pune

The Star Off-Road Experience will take you to Pune, land you in the rear seats of a plush chauffeured Mercedes and finally a comprehensive off road experience at Mercedes-Benz’s newly constructed SUV test track.

The Star Track Day Experience is geared to cater to the needs of corporates. The Corporate Czars Challenge will provide a platform for corporate bigwigs to participate in a race spread over two days at the Buddh International Circuit.

The AMG Driving Academy provides different levels of driving skill lessons while the newly launched Young Star Driver Program will help spot racing potential and nurture the talent towards participation in F1 and DTM events. Restricted to individuals between 15 years & 25 years, a two day program at the BIC for top 12 drivers in the country will select the final three drivers who will head to Germany for Advanced Training and then the PRO training and finally the Masters SLS AMG GT3 Training.