Damian Dinning

Damian Dinning loved two things as a kid – cars and photography. In his own words ‘With regards to the latter, I wanted to be able to take photography from the nerdy or for special occasions only use it was at the time, to being part of everyday life.’ Which is exactly what he did with arguably three of the best smartphone cameras in the market – the N8, PureView 808 and the recently launched Nokia Lumia 920.

For a multitude of reasons, Damian Dinning has now seen it fit to pursue his other love – cars. In an exclusive statement to the PureView club, Damian Dinning said “As for my future, I am moving to an industry I’ve wanted to be part of for a very long time. My experience in telecoms and smartphones provides me with a great opportunity to make a difference in a company whose own development is inspiring at a time of great change. I am thrilled that I’ll shortly be joining Jaguar Land Rover where I’ll take a role driving future innovations in the exciting new field of Connected Car.”

Jaguar Land Rover has always been at the frontlines with its infotainment system and with Damian Dinning it can only get better.

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Third generation iPads in the Jaguar XJ Ultimate

Remember the bucketloads of fun Jeremy Clarkson had with the Surround Camera System of the Range Rover?

More than just the scope for improvement of existing systems in JLR products, it is the ‘shiny’ new innovations that could take their place in JLR products courtesy of Dinning that have us in a frenzy. Dinning’s crowning achievement has to the PureView 808, with its 41 megapixel sensor. Who would’ve thought that even remotely possible? Yet it was done and a long look at the PureViewClub samples should give you an idea that there just doesn’t seem to be anything impossible with the 808. There have been often repeated comparisons of the 808 images with those from DSLRs and we can only imagine what the mind behind all that could do given the blank canvas of a Range Rover or an XJ.