Honda Brio Sedan Thailand 01

Honda Thailand has put up a teaser page for the new sub 4 metre compact sedan based on the Brio.

Not unlike what Honda did with the Brio hatch expect this baby to be launched in Thailand first followed by a launch in India. Thailand market gets the 1.2L flex fuel engine while India should see the long awaited 1.5L turbo diesel as well as the 1.2L petrol.

Business Standard Motoring says this motor might be offered in different states of tune for cars like the Brio, Brio sedan, and the next-generation City and Jazz. BSM also claims that power figures could range in the region of 70 bhp to 110 bhp with torque in the region of 17 to 22 kgm. The engine should be the host for Honda’s i-DTEC technology and various other Japanese wizardry that falls under Honda’s umberella of ‘Earth Dreams Technology’.