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Ford India’s success with the Figo is a testament to the value for money proposition that the Figo is. Adding a feature found in pricier cars moves to lay down the ‘value for money’ tag in concrete. The new steering column mounted audio controls are available only on the ZXI and Titanium variants of the new Figo.

New Ford Figo Kinetic Blue Bright Yellow : Steering Mounted Audio Controls

We have to admit we were caught slightly off guard when reading through the new Figo’s features again. Steering column mounted audio controls are something this correspondent isn’t familiar with and we started wondering how ergonomically sound these might be.

New Ford Figo Kinetic Blue and Bright Yellow : Interior Steering Column Mounted Audio Controls
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Turns out current users think these are fantastic compared to the conventional controls.

The steering column-mounted audio control in the 2003-2004 SVT Focus is the best design Ford has ever used. It is much better than steering wheel-mounted audio controls, because of the ability to “toggle” forward and backward through stations and media. Simular controls should be optional on all Ford models.

John G


Ford has of course moved on from the column mounted controls onto the steering mounted controls as we’ve seen in the new Fiesta. The column mounted controls, shared with numerous other Ford models in the USA and Europe is probably what enables Ford to provide the feature at this price. We shall reserve our opinion until we drive the car.

New Ford Figo Kinetic Blue Bright Yellow 09