Suzuki Grand Vitara 3 5 Door 03

Having recently unveiled the face lift in Japan, where it is known as the Escudo, Suzuki has now unveiled the face lift in Europe.

The updated Grand Vitara has a newly developed more powerful and sporty look thanks to a new grille with two boldly shaped fins, a thick, sturdy-looking front bumper, and chrome side moldings. It is fitted with eight-spoke, 17″ aluminium-alloy wheels – or alternatively with 10-spoke, 18 aluminium-alloy wheels. The front under garnish is made from the newly developed SSPP (Suzuki Super Polypropylene) a resin material which has the environmental advantage of being 10% lighter than current polypropylene and is coloured that it does not need to be painted. The nine body colours available include the new Bison Brown Pearl Metallic 2 (ZUF) and Gaia Bronze Pearl Metallic (ZUG).

Suzuki Grand Vitara 3 5 Door 04

The five- and three-door versions of the Grand Vitara each have a new seat fabric. The new fabric for the five-door version adds refinement to the sporty interior design. It features diagonal and vertical stripes which emphasize quality, lines which give a sense of thickness and ruggedness, and distinctive details. The new fabric for the three-door version has a close-knit pattern which highlights sportiness.

The Grand Vitara debuted in Japan in 1988 as the Escudo – the world’s first compact sport utility vehicle – and has remained the flagbearer for Suzuki’s four-wheel-drive (4WD) lineup. With near-50:50 weight distribution (benefiting from a powertrain based on a longitudinally mounted front engine and rear-wheel drive), a centre differential equipped 4WD system, all-round independent suspension, and a body which combines lightweight unibody design with a sturdy ladder frame, it embodies Suzuki’s concept of an ‘off-road athlete’. In addition to providing outstanding off-road capability, the Grand Vitara delivers on-road stability and comfort. Its styling conveys both refinement and strength, and its performance on diverse surfaces exceeds conventional expectations of a compact SUV.

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