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The Kawasaki Ninja 650 R has been launched in India by Bajaj Auto.   What gets sold in India and in the USA as the Ninja 650 is actually the ER series of bikes designed originally for Europe as tourers/commuters.  The naked version is the ER-6n and the fully faired version is the ER-6f.  Due to the American liking for the name Ninja this motorcycle was launched in America as the Ninja 650 R in its previous guise.  Please remember that it was the American marketing of arm of Kawasaki that first suggested that its superbikes be called Ninja.

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However, when the ER6f underwent some small redesign and was also launched in the USA the R was dropped and it has only been called the Ninja 650.  Kawasaki USA’s website proves this.  But Bajaj Auto’s website seems to be calling it the Ninja 650 R still so we assume that in India it carries on with that nomenclature.  Most of the changes are on the surface and the bike is just under the Rs. 5 lakh mark in terms of its pricing (ex-showroom).

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