BMW HP4 with Competition Package

BMW Motorrad decided it wasn’t just content with ruffling Japanese feathers and snagging awards all over the globe by the dozen. They have once again upped the ante with the new HP4. The HP family of motorcycles are to BMW Motorrad what the ‘M’ cars are to BMW.

While the figures on paper remain the same for the inline 4 cylinder engine, which continues to make 193 bhp at 13,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 112 Nm at 9,750 rpm, the HP4 loses nearly 14 kg and stands at a 169 kg dry, and weighs just 199 kilos including Race ABS and with a 90% full fuel tank making it the lightest 1000cc 4 cylinder motorcycle.

The HP4 is exclusive and each motorcycle is issued with its own HP4 serial number which is engraved in the upper fork bridge.


BMW HP4 with Competition Package

Dynamic Damping Control DDC

A world first is that the HP4 is fitted as standard with Dynamic Damping Control DDC. The damping of the front upside down forks and rear spring strut is adapted to the current manoeuvre or road surface by means of sensor-supplied parameters via electrically controlled regulation valves. In this way, the HP4 offers optimum damping in every situation, handling long and short shocks virtually perfectly so as to provide maximum traction and safety.

BMW HP4 Instrument Console

Race ABS

Unlike the S 1000 RR the HP4 lets the rider use full output of 142 kW (193 bhp) at 13,000 rpm in all modes – “Rain”, “Sport”, “Race” and “Slick”. In the Slick mode, Launch Control can be used.


BMW HP4 with Competition Package

Launch Control

The BMW HP4 is also BMW’s first motorcycle to get a Launch Control system. Activated only in the ‘Slick’ ABS mode, Launch Control limits engine torque so as to provide the maximum torque transferable from the rear wheel whenever the front wheel is under no throttle. This means the rider has to focus less on the throttle because he is controlling acceleration using just the clutch. The systems also prevents unwanted wheelies by reducing engine torque as soon as it detects front wheel lift.

Off the top of our head, we can think of the Aprilia RSV4 and the Kawasaki KX450F to be the only other production motorcycles with launch control.

The effect of traction control can be adapted in “Slick” mode to changing conditions and the rider’s individual preference while on the move.

BMW HP4 adjustable Dynamic Traction Control in "Slick" mode.

IDM Setting

The ABS on the HP4 gets a slight update with racing experience gained from the IDM (International German Motorcycle Championship) that has been fed directly into the system. In “Slick” mode, the IDM setting with refined regulation impulses gives the skilled rider the option of maximum possible deceleration says BMW.

More rubber at the rear

The 190/55 ZR 17 tyres of the S1000RR have been upgraded to 200/55 ZR 17.


The all titanium exhaust shaves off 4.5kg while the 7 spoke forged light alloy wheel shaves off a couple more.


Modified torque curve

The new exhaust system has an interference pipe between cylinders two and three, a controlled acoustic valve and a closed-loop catalytic converter. This new exhaust system and changes to the engine application have resulted in the torque increasing perceptibly in the 6,000 rpm to 9,750 rpm range. In “Rain” mode there is now a smoother output and torque curve available between 2,500 rpm and 8,000 rpm.

BMW HP4BMW HP4 with Competition Package

Left: BMW HP4, with the anodized black wheels , Right: BMW HP4 with Competition Package, note the Wheels in Racing blue metallic.

HP4 with Competition Package

BMW HP4 Competition Package

The HP4 with Competition Package is an especially exclusive version of the exclusive motorcycle. Refined HP carbon parts including a long, closed HP engine spoiler in carbon, an adjustable HP rider footrest system, folding HP brake and clutch levers, wheels finished in Racing blue metallic and a sponsor sticker kit are what you get with the Competition Package.

BMW HP4 Competition Package : HP rider footrest system, adjustableBMW HP4 Competition Package : HP rider footrest system, adjustable

HP rider footrest system, adjustable