Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 2012 Spanish GP Pit Garage

In a moment of deja vu that Hamilton fans would rather not have, the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes pit crew yet again messed up what could have been a perfect pit stop. Pulling into the pit lane for a tyre change in lap 15, Hamilton was in for a rude shock when he started to pull out of the pit stop, immediately jumped over something and had to stop for confirmation from the pit crew before setting off again.

Pit » HAM: “We think you hit one of the other tyres. Everything is okay, carry on.”

Source : http://www.mclaren.com/formula1

How many more times McLaren?

Hamilton joined in 14th and last we saw he was in a proper duel with Massa, do come back for our race report including our Editor Analysis and loads of images and driver quotes.