Ioda Racing runs teams in all three classes of the MotoGP grid.  It runs a team that uses its own propriety trellis frame in Moto 2 and in the newly introduced Moto 3 category Ioda is using its own engine as well, though its origins are in the Oral engine which is also used by Mahindra Racing in Moto 3.  The Italian team has now confirmed that it is going to put a four cylinder engine based on the single cylinder Moto 3 engine which is of 250cc and this will produce a MotoGP engine of 1000cc.  Ioda Racing is quite optimistic of this prospect and has said that it will probably run the new engine in its propriety trellis frame by the end of this year itself.  Presently Ioda runs an Aprilia engine in its frame and this motorcycle is ridden by Danilo Petrucci.  And if the experiment it has embarked upon succeeds then Ioda could become a full constructor that manufactures its own engines and frames.