Santa Fe 7seater Front

The Hyundai Santa Fe has been made over and now sports the face of the family.  Internationally it will come in two variants, a 5 seater short wheel base vehicle and an extended wheel base vehicle which can seat 7.   The picture you see above is that of the long wheel based 7 seater.  Look at the grille and you can see four slats and fog lamps are a little more ornate.  What you see below is the 5 seater which has a three slat grille.

Santa Fe 5 Seater Front1

The seven seater is longer.

Santa Fe 7 Seater Side

The five seater is, er, shorter

Santa Fe 5 Side

This is how the seven seater’s derriere looks

Santa Fe 7 Rear

And this is how the 5 seater’s back is

Santa Fe 5 Rear

When are they coming to India and will both of them make it here or will it just be the seven seater?  Hyundai has not made that information public but our educated guess is that the seven seater will come first and if at all the 5 seater will come later.  But don’t rule out its coming since SUVs are going compact with Audi launching the Q5 and the Q3 and BMW launching the X3 and the X1.