We promise you we are not making this up.  The root of the rumour is the boss of the World Superbike Championship franchise Paolo Flammini himself.  While talking to Superbike planet, Flammini has suggested that apart from the one motorcycle per rider rule a new innovation to come into World Superbike racing could be pit stops.  Flammini says that he is considering this for next year when the racing format of World Superbikes could change.  Flammini is feeling the pressure the distinguish superbike racing from MotoGP with both now beginning to look very similar (a point that we made in an article earlier).  Flammini believes that the present two race format is not involving enough for spectators both at the circuits and at home watching the races on TV and therefore has sought to replace the two races with a long single race which involves pit stops for tyres and fuel presumably.  This is nowhere near reality yet; not even by an extra long shot but there is great merit in the thought.  Not only will it distinguish World Superbikes from MotoGP but will also bring in the fun of unpredictability that usually comes with pit stops.  We hope Flammini delivers on this.  It could make bike racing a completely different game.