It appears as if Dorna Chief Carmelo Ezpeleta’s strong arm tactics with the Japanese factories are producing results.  Not only were the Japanese made to eat humble pie with regard to the CRT or Claiming Rules Team bikes they were even forced to sit back while Aprilia is for all practical purposes fielding a prototype motorcycle under the ART or Aprilia Racing Technologies moniker with Team Aspar, Team PBM etc.  Ducati too is not for the domination of the Japanese manufacturers when it comes to scripting rules and with Suzuki out of the picture and only Honda and Yamaha left from the Japanese side, it seems that even BMW Motorrad is now getting interested in MotoGP.  It has made favourable noises and has even said that this year’s Suter-BMW ridden by Colin Edwards could be a case study to see if things will be favourable for BMW to enter MotoGP, something that it almost did a few years back but abandoned when the cubic capacity of engines was reduced to 800cc.  Now that the capacity is back to 1000cc BMW says it has an open mind.