Please dear reader you explain this to us.  The world is supposed to be moving to smaller cars due to sky rocketing fuel prices and then you see Porsche launches its Cayanne which becomes a huge success and then it prepares to launch a smaller version called the Cajun first and the Macan now, even as Maserati prepares to launch its own SUV called the Kubang initially and now supposedly Cinqueporte.  Bentley which is a part of the VW Empire along with Porsche is now supposedly going the SUV way with what seems to be a hideous interpretation of how an SUV should look within the Bentley template.  To be called the EXP 9F this particular Bentley draws its name from a 1919 model is likely to share the platform of the next gen Audi Q7 which is also a part of the VW Empire.  This is one of the news to emerge from the Geneva Motor Show.Bentley EXP 9F Crossover SUV Concept 1how.