UPDATED: Design article on the Lamborghini Aventador J here.

Lamborghini probably used one of its sharp as a scalpel Aventadors on another to come up with this stunningly sharp speedster that might be called the Aventador J.

Lamborghini Aventador J #Unica Front 3/4

Lamborghini Aventador J #Unica Top

In addition to the Aventador Roadster that has been spotted testing, this might be the other unveiling by Lamborghini at Geneva. While the Roadster will not compromise on the creature comforts of the Aventador, the Aventador J will shed the roof, the large windscreen, air conditioning and the audio system to give us a no holds barred, ridiculously fast and drop dead good looking car that is rumoured to be called the Aventador J.

While there have been doubts about the authenticity of the above images, autoforum.cz assures its readers that this is the real deal. Excuse us for a couple of hours while we get around to praying fervently on our knees, that this is the real deal.


Source autoforum.cz via autoblog