Anybody who knows anything about Formula1 will know that Adrian Newey is by far the most talented car designer in F1.  He has been instrumental in first taking Williams F1 and subsequently McLaren and now Red Bull Racing to the charmed winner’s circle.  1997 was the last year that Adrian Newey worked with Williams F1 and that was also the last time that any car bearing the name Williams won a World Championship.  While at Williams, Newey had turned mediocre drivers such as Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve into not just race winners but World Champions as well.  One could say the same of a certain Nigel Mansell as well.  Newey’s departure from Williams to McLaren saw the latter, a team which was under performing for many years once again regain its lost glory.  Mika Hakkinen won two World Championships in Newey designed cars.  Red Bull have been made World Champions mainly due to Newey’s cars.  Now almost 15 years after Adrian Newey left Williams F1, team owner Sir Frank Williams has expressed regret about letting Newey leave the team.  As it turns out, Adrian Newey wanted a share in the all conquering Williams team of that time.  However, Frank Williams preferred not to give into Newey’s request, a decision that he now says he regrets.  With the departure of Newey and later the loss of  status of a works team (first as Renault’s and later as BMW’s) have Williams go downwards till it reached its worst ever performance last year.  Frank Williams has put in a new team in place and hopes that this along with a return to Renault power can put the team back on the road to recovery.