Hero MotoCorp New Strategic Initiative Announcement

Riot Engine has been invited to the Hero MotoCorp press conference where the biggest two wheeler manufacturer in India intends to announce its new strategic initiative.


No plans to bring in EBR bikes to India independently.

Technology from EBR to trickle down to products to be launched in THIS calendar year. Buell technologies like Fuel in frame, belt drive, centralized mass and so on, to eventually find place in Hero products.

AMSOIL Hero by Hero Motocorp EBR 1190RS

Hero MotoCorp to enter motorcycle racing with Erik Buell Racing!

Two teams will be sponsored : Team Hero and AMSOIL Hero at the AMA Pro Racing National Guard Superbikes Championship.

Danny Eslick for Team and Geoff May for AMSOIL Hero will ride the EBR 1190RS bikes.

Unveils the EBR 1190RS to be racing for Team Hero and AMOSIL Hero.

More information to come soon.

Multiple types of collaboration.

Next generation of “HIGH-END” products to be developed by Buell and Hero MotoCorp R&D.

Leap developed in collaboration with EBR.

New strategic partnership with BUELL!

Mr. Munjal reiterates our Editor Satish Chandra statement in his recent article on Hero MotoCorp. Steady growth. While others have much to say about Hero, the numbers speak for the company.

Intent demonstrated through the hybrid scooter the Leap.

Projects ‘day dreams’ in good light. These are the dreams that you remember and take your life forward with.

We would speculate if we could, but Riot Engine has principles about not going down the much trodden wild-speculation-path, so you’ll have to hold your breath for a while longer.

Riot Engine brings you the announcement live from the venue.