Last year out of the blue came the news that Narain Karthikeyan was going to drive for the HRT F1 team.  The year before that, in their rookie year, Hispania Racing Team as it was then called took Karun Chandok aboard and he drove a few races when he was replaced since the money that he was bringing to the team was not sufficient.  Last year, Narain drove a few races before Red Bull backed Daniel Ricciardo replaced him and Narain was only again allowed to drive in the Indian GP.  Now this year Narain has been announced as the driver partnering Pedro De La Rosa at HRT.  The question now is how many races will Narain actually drive?  No one seems to believe that he will last the full season.  That raises the question “why is Tata pouring money into something when Narain is not guaranteed to drive in all races of the season?”  Business economics you see elude the thinking of common people like you and me.