Mercedes AMG F1 team will reveal its  W03  the contender for the Formula1 2012 season on the 21st of February at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.  This will be the second of the scheduled official preseason tests.  Mercedes ran the old car in the first test.  Adrian Newey the designer of the Red Bull Racing cars commented that Mercedes was probably delaying showing their new car so that people do not catch on to some new technology that they maybe using.  However photos of the car have surfaced and it has the same ugly platypus nose.  But we do not know what lies underneath that.  With Mercedes having brought out their new car only the real stragglers of the Formula1 field, Marussia and HRT are yet to reveal their runners for 2012.  They are not contenders and therefore we use the term runners well advisedly.

Mercedes F1 W03