Every once in a while there is news that Ducati is up for sale.  Last year there were reports that Ducati’s owners Investindustrial were interested in selling off their stake.  Investindustrial itself confirmed this.  When Ducati struck a deal with AMG rumours gathered momentum but later it came out that Daimler AG was not interested.  Some in the auto industry feel that Ducati would have been good for Daimler because the lower emissions from motorcycles would have offset the more polluting big engined sports cars and SUVs.  Now the names of BMW, Volkswagen and Mahindra are being touted as those interested in purchasing Ducati.  The Financial Times in Britain has said that the company has been valued at One Billion Euros a price that is too steep for a company that makes about forty thousand vehicles per annum.  There is a necessity for the new company to understand tooling that would be required for increasing capacity to make sense of the price that they would pay for acquiring Ducati.  One can discount Mahindra.  Somehow the name keeps popping up every time a company is up for sale.   When Saab was put up for sale Mahindra was mentioned.  But we suspect that Mahindra has already spent a lot of money on acquisitions and will need capital to consolidate its acquisitions.  It remains to be seen if this time around Investindustrial actually succeeds in finding a buyer.  Please note that Ducati is always up for sale.