Volvo Auto India launched today (February 15th 2012) the D3 engine variants of the S60, S80 and the XC60 in India at stunning prices.

Prices below are all ex showroom Delhi.

Model Kinetic Summum
Volvo S60 Rs. 23.99 Lakhs Rs. 26.99 Lakhs
Volvo S80 Rs. 31.99 Lakhs Rs. 34.99 Lakhs
Volvo XC60 Rs. 33.99 Lakhs Rs. 36.99 Lakhs

Volvo announced a special introductory price for all models that makes the above models cheaper by atleast Rs. 79,000 .

Keeping the promise of strengthening its product portfolio, Mr. Tomas Ernberg, Managing Director, Volvo Auto India said, “In light of changing customer and market dynamics, Volvo has launched its most successful global models in the last two years for the Indian customers. Launch of D3 variants reiterates our long-term commitment of a more human-oriented approach called ‘Designed Around You’, where we continue making safe, technologically-advanced and Scandinavian designed cars around customers.”

The vitals for the D3 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine would be 163 bhp, with 400Nm of torque and stated fuel consumption figures for the S60, S80 and XC60 being 18.5 kpl, 17.8 kpl and 14.7 kpl respectively.

While these figures sound fantastic, more so when taking into account the prices that have been announced, we do have some gripes. While the S80 D3 with the manual transmission abroad reportedly has a ‘EU Combined’ fuel consumption figure of around 20.4 kpl, the figure stated at the press conference in Delhi, for the S80 D3 variant in India is around 18.5 kpl. We have to consider the fact that while the S80 elsewhere gets Start/Stop technology, there was no mention of it at the conference. Until we receive confirmation from Volvo Auto India, we would have to assume that the disparity in FE figures are either due to the lack of start/stop on the manual version, or that the 18.5 kpl is calculated differently for India based on relevant local standards.

The D3 Engine

This 2.0 Litre 5 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine is essentially a scaled down version of the 2.4L D5 engine. The D3 has a shorter stroke and hence the reduced displacement. Its injection system has the same type of piezo-electric fuel injectors as the D5, but tailored for the smaller engine. The injectors reduce consumption with exceptionally quick and precise injection sequences under high pressure. The result is particularly effective combustion says Volvo. The D3 engine is also fitted with a variable-geometry turbocharger that was tuned again in 2011 for better driveability.

Volvo D3 2.0L  5-Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine : New Features

The camshaft and connecting rod use lesser amount of steel ( less weight ) and work just as optimally. The new piston rings are of low-friction type and the oil pump is chain-driven. The piston cooling valves are controlled by demand instead of opening regularly at timed intervals and thereby consumption is reduced.

“It’s actually all about improvements in several areas that together make the cars both more enjoyable and cheaper to drive. This is the science of the small incremental steps. The engines are already so optimised that it takes many man-hours to identify and refine the tiny details that can make them even more efficient,” says Derek Crabb, Vice President, Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Cars.

“When comparing modern diesel engines, torque is of far greater interest than the number of horsepower. It is the available torque that gives the diesel the sort of acceleration and potent driveability that many petrol engines can barely match,” he added.

Volvo S60 India D3 Engine

Volvo S60 : Standard Features

  • Leather seats
  • Interior Air Quality System for clean cabin air and the Volvo Sensus with a touch interface.
  • City Safety – Laser Assisted Automatic Braking
    • At speeds up to 30 km/h, this laser-based technology can sense if a vehicle in front within 6–8 meters is at a standstill or is moving slower. If City Safety senses an impending collision, the brakes are pre-charged to respond faster if the driver reacts at the last moment. If the driver doesn’t, City Safety automatically applies the brakes and switches off the throttle to help mitigate the effects of a collision.
  • Whiplash Protection
  • Dynamic Stability Traction Control
  • Turn with Steering lights (Active Bending Lights)

Volvo S80

Volvo S80 has a redesigned interior, inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, promising more luxury and comfort. Plush leather seats are ergonomically designed with deep contours and full wide bolsters.

2012 Volvo S80 India redesigned Interior , now with D3 Engine Variant2012 Volvo S80 India redesigned Interior Rear , now with D3 Engine Variant

Laser Assisted Automatic Braking – City Safety technology is standard on both variants. Other safety features like Whiplash Protection, Dynamic Stability Traction Control, Turn with Steering lights (Active Bending Lights) make it one of the safest cars in the world.

Again, leather seats are standard.

Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 D3 Engine Variant launch in India

Electronic One touch tailgate open/close on the Kinetic variant too.

Park Assist Front & Rear

Leather seats are standard.

Dual tone interiors should entice the customer.

Volvo XC60 India, D3 Engine, FrontVolvo XC60 India, D3 Engine, Rear

Volvo currently has dealerships in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi and Pune. More dealerships to come soon.

The D5 Engine

For a moment, if we ignore the fantastic D3 engine, we come to our next gripe. Volvo India uses the previous generation D5 engine on its S60, S80 and XC60 models. While this engine, introduced way back in 2008, with advanced solutions such as sequential twin-turbo technology, ceramic glowplugs and piezo-electric fuel injectors, had among the best fuel economy figures in its segment when it was presented in the Volvo S80. It was the first Euro 5 engine in its class.

While it is good for 205 hp and maximum torque of 420 Nm, with its twin-turbo setup with two different-sized turbochargers operating in tandem to provide added power across a wider rev band and thus fast, powerful acceleration high up the rev range, the engine underwent an overhaul in 2011, and now can generate upto 215 hp and a torque of 440 Nm while consuming nearly eight percent less fuel working in tandem with the start/stop technology!

We think a product so cutting edge shouldn’t wait on its upgrades. Give us the new D5 engine, Volvo!