With aerodynamic regulations driving the nature of appearance of Formula1 cars for 2012 we seemed to have a field of cars that have noses that resemble that of a platypus.  The cars with the exception of the McLaren look aesthetically challenged and one hopes that they race better than they look.  Presenting the ugly duckling gallery.

We start with the exception – the McLaren

And now for the ugly ones – Ferrari.  Hope their road cars are better than this

and now Sahara Force India – thank God they don’t make road cars

We don’t know about the folks at Lotus cars and the Lotus F1 team but Dear Colin Chapman, we are very, very sorry for you

BMW must have seen this coming and therefore they sold the team back to Peter Sauber

Dieter Mateschitz has financed the development of not one but two monsters

The Red Bull Racing car even with Adrian Newey at the helm looks like this

and its sister the Scuderia Toro Rosso without Adrian Newey looks like this

Tony Fernandes did not want to hurt Colin Chapman so he relinquished his claims over the Lotus name so that he and Mike Gascoyne could feel free to produce this in the name of Caterham

Frank Williams was down in the dumps anyway so he does not mind how the Williams car looks.  Apparently Patrick head does and so he sold out his stake and dissociated himself from this

Only Mercedes AMG, Marussia and HRT are still to reveal their ugly ducklings er cars.  When they do reveal them we will add them to this rogues gallery.  For now watch and can’t say enjoy can we?