2012 Honda NSX Concept Design Sketch

Your everyday supercar, the Honda NSX. While the Italians, Americans and the English were making supercars that were as famed for their tendency to break down as their performance, Honda stunned enthusiasts with the kind of reliability that has NSX fans still worshiping their cars.

2012 Honda NSX Concept
After ceasing production sometime in 2005, Honda has revived the brand with the 2012 NSX Concept. Staying true to its origins, the NSX Concept is a mid engined, rear wheel drive, two door coupe with looks that could kill.

2012 Honda NSX Concept Detroit, Geneva Motor Show : Rear2012 Honda NSX Concept : Front 3/4

The NSX uses lightweight materials and is powered by a mid-mounted VTEC V-6 engine with direct-injection, complemented by the new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® (Super Handling All Wheel Drive™) hybrid system.

Speaking at the Detroit Motor Show, Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd, who led the development of Honda’s first NSX supercar, explained the values of the new NSX, “Like the first NSX, we will again express high performance through engineering efficiency. In this new era, even as we focus on the fun to drive spirit of the NSX, I think a supercar must respond positively to environmental responsibilities.”

This Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system will make the NSX the ultimate expression of, “the synergy between man and machine,” added Ito.  “The NSX will make the driver one with the car to enhance dynamic driving abilities without getting in the way.”

2012 Honda NSX Concept Rear

The Sport Hybrid SH-AWD uses a unique 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with a bilateral torque adjustable control system and can instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering, which Honda anticipates will deliver handling performance unmatched by previous AWD systems.

A dual clutch transmission with built-in electric motor, takes care of transmission duties.

2012 Honda NSX Concept Side View

2012 Honda NSX Concept : Rear 3/4