Spot the Hero Electric stall at the Auto Expo and you know they are much bigger than the competition. Close to ten models on display, and a separate section for their high end bicycle brand, Winn and electric powered A2B cycles from the recently acquired Ultra Motors.

Hero Electric at the 11th Auto Expo

Hero Electric E-Sprint & maxi

The only electric bike manufacturer at the Expo to have a ‘high-speed’ e-bike that has a claimed top speed of 45kph. The E-Sprint has a range of 65 km in ‘Power Mode’ and 110 km in ‘Economy Mode’. The E-Sprint has 10 inch wheels and other features include a mobile charger, a front disc brake, telescopic suspension, and a anti-theft alarm.

Hero Electric High Speed E-Sprint and the maxi at the 11th Auto Expo

The ‘maxi’ Hero Electric says, is its flasgship model with sturdy design, 16 inch wheels, detachable batteries and ample space up front.

Hero Electric Optima +, Photon, Cruz, Zion, Wave DX

The Wave DX differentiates itself from the rest of the lineup by having a range of 100km thanks to the 33Ah battery. It also has an odometer and an anti-theft alarm system. Wave DX has 10 inch wheels.

The Optima+ has provision for fitting additional batteries and runs on 16 inch wheels.

The ZiON hasn’t much to its credit but polycarbonate headlamps for clear night visibility, underseat storage, light at 74 kg, and 16 inch wheels.

Hero Electric Optima+, Photon and the Jog at the 11th Auto Expo
Hero Electric Wave DX and the Cruz at the 11th Auto Expo

The Cruz has a range of 70km, an odometer, large seats and soft suspension making it one of the comfortable bikes on offer by Hero Electric.

Hero Electric Photon at the 11th Auto ExpoHero Electric Cruz, Zion at the 11th Auto Expo

Hero Electric Trike at the 11th Auto Expo

Hero Eco Group, led by Vijay Munjal recently acquired Ultra Motors, UK and had on display their electric motor powered bikes. The A2B brand cycles were on display. High end bicycles, under the Winn brand also took space in the Hero Electric stall.

Hero Group Winn Cycles at the 11th Auto ExpoHero Group Winn Cycles at the 11th Auto Expo 2012