While the enthusiast cribs about the lack of any hint of a 250cc coming to the market from TVS soon, the seasoned enthusiast knows that the TVS Motors stall was a powerful display of TVS Motor’s engineering might. As if having the victorious RTR 250-fx with the glaring liquid cooled mill wasn’t enough, TVS also put on display the indigenously developed automatic transmission that can boost fuel efficiency by around 20% relative to a CVT transmission driven vehicle and finally, the futuristic Qube concept, that has always managed to awe us at the Auto Expo. Every year the Qube takes one step towards production, and we can only wonder how fantastic it would be to be part of a dedicated team that works year after year on a revolutionary product with the full support of the management.

TVS Qube Hybrid

TVS Motors Qube at the Auto Expo 2012

Coming to a TVS dealership near you in 2013. Regulars to the Auto Expo will know the Qube has always been one of the showstoppers simply for its design. This year, concrete plans for production and the underlying technology add to its arsenal. The Qube is powered by an upgraded electric hybrid motor with an extended battery pack that ensures a longer range. TVS says the QUBE is now closer to reality.

This concept vehicle’s DNA of iconic minimalism is reflected strongly in its form surfaces, features and functionality. Switchable power modes, floating full function LCD display, regenerative brakes as well as clean simple bodywork are all designed to impart a fresh, clean and unmistakable feel of the original award winning QUBE concept.

From June 2012, two hundred scooters will be test marketed before its commercial launch in 2013. Being a hybrid, the The TVS Qube will be powered by a 100cc four-stroke engine and an electric hub motor. The rider has the option to choose from a range of modes, depending on his/her requirement. Regenerative braking ensures the batteries are charged when power is applied. At standstill, the power source is stopped and the charge conserved.

The scooter also comes with the additional option of electric only with zero fuel (petrol) consumption and zero emissions and can be used for short trips. There is also an engine only mode, which can be used when the battery charge is very low. The TVS Hybrid Scooter also has the options of Hybrid Economy Mode and Hybrid Power Mode. We would sure love to see what happens to a scooter when propelled by a combustion engine in tandem with an electric motor!

TVS Motors says this green technology delivers significant emission reduction and improved fuel economy in city traffic driving with 35 % reduction in CO2 emission, 30% HC + NOx reduction and an increase of 35% in fuel economy. The TVS Hybrid Scooter is therefore expected to deliver a fuel economy of around 70 kilometers in typical city riding conditions.

TVS Motors’ Automatic Transmission Technology

‘CVT uses pulleys and belts. That’s not very efficient’ said the gentleman from TVS. ‘With our automatic transmission technology, you should be able to get mileage comparable to that of a motorcycle of equivalent capacity’, he added.

TVS Motors Automatic Transmission Technology

TVS Motors Automatic Transmission Technology 02TVS Motors Automatic Transmission Technology 03

Will the Qube have automatic transmission? Or will the presence of an electric motor limit the possibility? Give us a moment, while we try to have these questions answered.

The engine that deploys the new ‘TVS Automatic Transmission’ developed indigenously by TVS Motor Company is also on display. This new technology employs an Automatic Transmission in place of the conventional Continuously Variable Transmission Technology (CVT) and will enhance fuel efficiency as much as twenty percent when compared to CVT technology.

TVS Automatic Transmission allows change of gears effortlessly through electronic control while automatically selecting the gear ratios for a particular riding condition. This enables the engine to run at its most efficient revolutions per minute (RPM) for a range of vehicle operating conditions, thereby maximizing the engine performance to achieve peak efficiency and overriding the requirement of a clutch. The company has added an innovative ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which enhances the performance and fuel economy, giving greater convenience of riding.

TVS Radeon 125 GX

TVS Motors Radeon at the 11th Auto Expo 2012

Though not confirmed, this should be the new motorcycle brand with 125 cc engine capacity, 4 speed gear box and all features expected of this segment that TVS intends to launch in June 2012. The brand would represent a bold new statement in the executive motorcycle segment says TVS. REfined mature design, comfortable seating would be the USPs of this new brand.

TVS also has announced the launch of the Victor brand again with the USP of best in class acceleration and fuel economy. An advanced programmed ignition system will be deployed in the TVS Victor.

TVS Wego : New Metallic Finish

TVS Motors Wego in a new metallic finish  at the Auto Expo 2012

TVS Scooty Streak : All Black finish

TVS Motors Scooty Streak : All Black finish

TVS Scooty Pep : New Colour

TVS Motors Scooty Pep

TVS Motors RTR 250-fx

TVS Motors RTR 250 - fx  at the 11th Auto Expo 2012 : Indian National Champion 2011 TVS Motors RTR 250  -fx 01TVS Motors RTR 250  -  fx : Beefy front shocksTVS Motors RTR 250  -  fx : RearTVS Motors RTR 250 - fx : Liquid Cooled 250cc engine

TVS Tormax 150

TVS Tormax 150 at the 11th Auto Expo 2012TVS Tormax 150cc Step-Thru

TVS also had its entire range of engines on display.

TVS Motors Engines on display at the 11th Auto Expo 2012

TVS also had the Sport and StaR City in new colours and the Apache RTRs on display.

TVS Apache RTR at the 11th Auto Expo 2012

TVS Motors Sport New Colour at the 11th Auto Expo 2012TVS Motors StaR City 110 New Colour at the 11th Auto Expo 2012