ICML Extreme, Rhino variant at the 11th Auto Expo 2012

The Extreme is a variant of the Rhino.

ICML Extreme : G.One Series HITECICML Extreme : Integrated Indicators in ORVMsICML Extreme : Hood ScoopICML Extreme : Badge

ICML Oyster

ICML Oyster Double Cab at the Auto Expo 2012ICML Oyster at the Auto Expo 2012

A double cab lifestyle vehicle, the Oyster.

ICML Windy

ICML Windy Single Cab at the Auto Expo 2012

A single cab commercial vehicle, the Windy.

All the above models will be powered by the 2.0 L CRDi engine which has been named the G.One Series

G.One Series HITEC

ICML G.One Series HITEC 01

ICML G.One Series HITEC 02ICML G.One Series HITEC 03

ICML G.One Series HITEC 04