For a moment, ignoring all the marketing speak, let’s just say, the idea of being surrounded by Puntos and Lineas and the rich aroma of coffee, definitely sounds like a good way to spend an evening, or the whole day for that matter.

FIAT Caffe launched at Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi

FIAT Caffe, launched at Tolstoy Marg in New Delhi on the 6th of January, is FIAT’s initiative to allow you to experience what FIAT calls ‘the distinctive Italian automotive lifestyle experience’. Enthusiasts on automotive forums have been patting FIAT on the back with ‘Way to go Fiat!’ messages, having only experienced the Caffe virtually on and those who have visited the Caffe in person have nothing less to say. FIAT just might have struck the right note with its fans, present and prospective, with the launch of the FIAT Caffe.

Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, President & CEO FIAT India Automobiles Ltd at FIAT Caffe

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, President & CEO FIAT India Automobiles Ltd said, “The launch of FIAT Caffe is an integral part of our strategy to showcase our commitment to the Indian customer and market. With this Caffe we aim to promote our Italian heritage and the ‘real’ FIAT brand, by engaging a passionate connect amongst the audience and prospects with FIAT automobiles. The Caffe will provide us with an opportunity to hold an array of events, both car and lifestyle related, demonstrating the values and culture we share at FIAT, amidst the Italian ambiance while sipping on authentic Italian coffee.”

At the Caffe, you can check out the FIATs offered in the Indian market, take a test drive, guided by trained personnel. Fiat says,the collection of international FIAT merchandise, giant video screens running FIAT ads, stylish and unique furniture & fittings will give a glimpse of FIAT’s vast history and rich heritage. There will also be special events, product display and previews held at the Caffe from time to time. An in house library will feature books on FIAT’s glorious history, the various brands under the FIAT umbrella. A second Caffe will soon be opened in Pune, which would make India the only country to have two FIAT Caffes.

FIAT will display its merchandise and accessories at these brand stores. FIAT says it is a marketing initiative to create a buzz around the FIAT brand and make a ‘bold & crisp statement’ about its presence in India. It also aims at actively engaging audience and prospective clients as well as facilitate sales. Globally, FIAT has several Caffes to showcase brands like Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.