Built on the future ready U-Truck platform, the U-3723 H is India’s first 37-tonne haulage truck and has the highest payload of upto 27 tonnes. Ashok Leyland also claims that the U-3723 H is India’s most efficient truck.

Ashok Leyland U-3723 H Unveiled at the AutoExpo 2012

The U-3723H has five axles, twin steerable front axles, two rear axles and a self-steerable pusher lift axle at the center, that enables the truck to carry loads ‘more efficiently’. When the auto lift axle senses the truck running in an unloaded condition, it lifts the axle and raises the wheels on the axle off the ground. This translates into additional fuel savings.

The U-3723 H is equipped with the fuel efficient 225 HP ‘H’ Series engine and a 9-speed gearbox. The truck also has an AC on the options list. The sleeper cab has a number of features that aim to make the cab safer and more comfortable for the driver, like the parabolic suspensions with shock absorbers.

An optimized drive train, 11R20 tyres coupled with the 10×4 configuration makes for excellent maneuverability. The deep section frames with bogie suspensions ensure better vehicle stability even at higher loads.