Tata pulled the covers off the Tata Safari Storme, a.k.a. the updated Safari, which had been growing too long in the tooth in the face of recent competition and needed some firepower to add to it’s arsenal. And from what we have seen, if Tata manages to price this right, they have a winner (again) on their hands.

Tata Motors launches new Safari Storme

Tata Motors launches new Safari Storme : FrontTata Motors launches new Safari Storme : Rear

Tata Motors Nano CNG

Tata also showcased its alternate fuel technology capability by displaying four concepts – the Tata Nano CNG, the Tata Indigo Manza diesel-electric hybrid car, the Tata Starbus Fuel Cell (hydrogen) and the Tata Magic Iris CNG.

Tata Motors Indigo Manza Hybrid

Mr. P.M. Telang, Managing Director; India Operations, said, “With the Safari Storme, the iconic Safari becomes a contemporary SUV suited to the desires of today’s SUV lovers. The Ultra range and the LPT 3723 will create new segments and generate higher incomes for their owners. As importantly, we are displaying our progress with alternate fuel technologies towards a more comprehensive portfolio for the future.”