Bajaj Auto RE 60 Unveiling

Touting a supposed global benchmark in CO2 emissions of 60 gms/km, and a fuel efficiency of 35 kpml and a top speed of 70 kph, the RE 60 is 2.752 m long, 1.312 m wide and 1.65 m tall and can be ordered in either 2+2 or 1+3 configurations.

The RE 60 is developed in house and is being positioned as a commercial urban people carrier. Bajaj Auto has repeatedly stressed this is not a car, thwarting any attempt by people to compare it with the Nano.

“At Bajaj Auto, we believe the people of this planet deserve much better, much faster” says, Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto. We, therefore, decided to focus our efforts on developing vehicles powered by engines using available natural resources and infrastructure. We are very excited with the outcome of our efforts and, in the RE60; we believe we have an excellent solution for the mobility challenges arising from the rapid urbanization of India.”

He further added, “In the RE 60 we have an immediate solution to pollution that doesn’t need new infrastructure, huge subsidies or time”.

The first step for any vehicle attempting to be ‘greener’ and Bajaj has employed a light weight monocoque Metal-polymer hybrid structure frame, driven by a water cooled DTSi 4 valve engine with a closed loop fuel injection system for high performance and good fuel efficiency. Minimizing frictional and transmission losses is the next step.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj stressed “We are presenting an optimized solution for intra-city passenger transport. This vehicle has been designed for intra-city use keeping in mind the intra-city duty cycles and safety requirements.”

Bajaj Auto RE 60 Unveiling : Mr. R.C.Maheshwari, President, Commercial Vehicles, Bajaj Auto Ltd and Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto

Mr. R.C.Maheshwari, President, Commercial Vehicles, Bajaj Auto Ltd. said “The vehicle presents a small, simple solution to combat pollution and inflation. It does not need investments in infrastructure, does not need subsidies and does not need time”

He added “It retains a small footprint – nearly the same as our Autorickshaw, is highly maneuverable and can keep pace with the moving traffic. At the same its limited top speed makes it intrinsically safer for pedestrians, cyclists and two wheeler riders”.

“Front and rear seat belts, doors and hard top are its other features. Not only are the CO2 emissions remarkably low, its CO, HC and NOx emissions also are much lower than the Euro IV norms for cars less than 2,500 kgs”.

He said “Our RE brand has, for years, stood for affordable transportation for its passengers and instant livelihood for its owners. Values that have made it the world’s number 1 brand in its category. RE 60 will continue with this tradition.”