For reasons known only to Timo Glock the Marussia F1 driver believes that he is as good as fellow German driver Sebastian Vettel.  Needless to say the claim is hilarious and let us explain why we say that.  Vettel and Glock have never been in one team or shared equipment so comparisons are impossible to make.  This however does not mean that Glock cannot be as good as Vettel, what it means is that unless they are both sitting in the same car, comparisons are bound to be meaningless.  We are wondering what it is that Glock is trying to convey with this statement of his.  Glock was in F1 before losing his drive and then went on to participate in the GP2 class where he did become champion.  Post that he was given a drive at Toyota where he said his aim was to win the world championship in the year 2010.  Unfortunately Toyota along with BMW withdrew at the end of 2009 leaving Glock to drive the Virgin Racing car (Marussia from next year on) and the last two seasons Glock has been at the rear end of the field.  From there he made this statement that if he is given the same equipment as Vettel, he would be as good.  We suspect Glock wants to replace Mark Webber in 2013.  Webber, unless he wins the Championship in 2012, is likely to be out of Red Bull Racing at the end of the 2012 season.  But why should he be replaced by Glock when there are so many youngsters in the Red Bull roster? If that is the reason we say high hopes Timo.