The Tata Nano which was expected to sell in such large numbers that roads would be chock a block with them, has failed when it actually came to the hustings.  There have been a number of reasons such as shifting of the factory from Singur to Sanand, fires and absolutely no proper marketing, that have contributed to its non-performance despite being a head turner.  Tata tried to rectify things and even crossed the 10,000 figure in sales per month once before numbers plummetted to abysmal levels.  Tata is now investing significantly in the marketing of the little car and sales have again been seeing an upward trend.  In November the Nano has sold 6,401 numbers and one hopes that this not yet another false dawn.  The Nano surely deserves healthy numbers and given its price and performance it should be selling more than the present best seller, the Alto from Maruti.