In the 21st Century the success story of Bajaj Auto can be attributed to the Pulsar range of motorcycles that were first introduced in the year 2001.  The Pulsar started of as a 150cc and 180cc motorcycles before reaching 220cc and later 200cc (which has subsequently been axed from the line up) and also 135cc.  What ties all these engines together today is the fact that they all feature the now famous Digital Twin Spark ignition or Dts-i as Bajaj likes to call it.  In fact the Pulsar 135 cc even sports four valves along with the Dts-i technology and it is believed that future Bajaj engines will have four valves rather than two for optimal engine performance. Dts-i technology was first introduced in the year 2003. The success of the Pulsar range and to an extent the Discover range of motorcycles (they also use the Dts-i technology) has meant that the number of engines using Dts-i tech has crossed the 10 million mark.  That is a significant milestone and one expects that when Bajaj launches the all new Pulsar range to coincide with the 10 years of Pulsar, there will also be a celebration of the Dts-i technology.