The Renault Nissan alliance is very serious about India.  It is interested in the volume segment of the market and is making its ambitions pretty clear.  Renault has launched and commenced the sales of the Fluence Sedan and the Koleos softroader and has unveiled the Pulse with sales starting in January, 2012.  In 2012, Renault is set to launch the Duster SUV along with another sedan, the details of which are not yet available.  Speculation is that it will be based on the V platform that has spawned the Micra and Sunny for Nissan.  The Pulse is a Micra with a different nose and it remains to be seen if the sedan will be Renault’s take on the Sunny.  The Auto Expo in January will reveal if the Renault Nissan alliance will take up the small car produced by Bajaj Auto for marketing.  If it does, the car will be somewhere near the Tata Nano in terms of pricing.  But irrespective of what happens with the Bajaj made car, Renault Nissan will work on a small car that sits in the Eon and Alto segment.  The car should be on the roads by 2013.  Renault and Nissan are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to capture volumes in the Indian car bazaar.