Skoda has taken a leaf out of Tata’s book.  Just like Tata did with the Aria, Skoda has started offering a cheaper version of the Yeti by a 4×2 version, but has also done what Tata has not done, which is to detune the engine, which will put out about 110 PS of power as against the 140 PS in the 4×4 version.  It also loses one cog in the gearbox and will be a 5 speed affair as against the 6 speed version that features in the 4×4 version.  However, the good thing is that it is lighter than the 4×4 by 98 kg and also has prices starting at Rs. 13.2 lakhs as opposed to the 4×4 whose prices start at Rs. 15.5 lakh.  The Yeti is an extremely capable softroader, and can easily perform some hard core off road duties but its compact size and high pricing have made it a slow seller.  One assumes that this launch of the 4×2 version has something to do with the aggressively priced and very competent XUV 500 from Mahindra.