It is well known that the sales of the Chevrolet Aveo U-VA hatchback and the Aveo Sedan have all but come to an end with both models combined not even accounting for 250 units every month.  GM which has found some success originally with the Spark (though its numbers are now not as impressive as they once were) and subsequently the Beat.  Endowing the Beat with a diesel engine has meant that GM is able to sell about 5500 units per month of the car consistently.  Chevrolet cannot be a one model show and therefore GM has been considering the launch of replacements for the U-VA and the Aveo sedan.  While the Sonic twins have replaced the Aveo twins internationally, India may not get them because the cost of the Sonic cars is likely to be on the higher side.  GM is keen to get into the inexpensive car space and the Sail developed in China on the Opel Corsa platform (which was sold here) with modifications to make it contemporary, fits the bill perfectly. has caught a Sail hatchback with its badges taped and has posted its pictures.  The Sail may not be sold with that name in India since the hatchback model of the Opel Corsa was called the Corsa Sail and was a bit of a flop.

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