In what has to be the most sensational rumour in Formula1, some auto journalists say that Honda is likely to return to F1 not as a constructor but as an engine supplier to McLaren from 2014 onward.  It is well known that from 2014 a new 1.6 litre turbo charged V6 engine formula comes into effect in Formula1 and that means that it will provide a level playing ground for all concerned.  Honda had in the past been engine supplier to the Williams and McLaren teams and won world titles with them before calling it quits at the end of the 1992 season, leaving McLaren high and dry.  By this time Williams had shifted to Renault engines.  Honda came back to Formula1 first by testing waters with Mugen, the tuning firm run by Shoichiro Honda’s son and powered cars such as the Jordan and Ligier before making a full time return with Jordan and BAR.  In the new Millennium Honda bought out BAR (which was the former Tyrell team) and had a horrible run in F1 until it pulled out of F1 at the end of 2008 citing the global economic turn down as the reason.  It has however persisted in supplying engines to the entire Indycar grid till this year and will continue next year as well but with competition from Chevrolet and Lotus engines.  Renault like Honda took over the Benetton F1 team and despite winning two world championships with Fernando Alonso decided to become an engine supplier only from 2012.  It will supply engines to Lotus, Caterham and the iconic Williams team, the last being the team with whom it won an incredible number of World championships.  Honda could follow the Renault model and comeback into F1 with old partner McLaren.  McLaren is now a totally independent team from 2012 onward with Mercedes Benz (the company that owned 40% of McLaren till 2010) becoming an engine supplier (McLaren will have to pay for the engines) till 2016.  McLaren’s relationship with Mercedes Benz soured due to the Spygate scandal and accusations of cheating.  Honda and McLaren could indeed by an ideal partnership, but is this something which may happen or is it just wishful thinking?