Two years ago Suzuki Motor Company of Japan and Volkswagen AG of Germany decided that they can have synergies in production and marketing of cars by exploiting each other’s capabilities.  Down the line, things have soured and Suzuki after accusing Volkswagen of reneging on the agreement has demanded that VW return the 19.9% share holding in Suzuki and said that it would return the 2% that it held in VW to VW.  However, Volkswagen has been reluctant to do so and has emphatically said that it does not plan to return Suzuki’s shares.  This dispute will now be taken to arbitration with both parties confident that they are in the right.  Suzuki is a bit like our very own Mahindra.  Mahindra has had JVs with Ford and Renault and turned its back on them.  Suzuki too had once been a partner with Govt of India and fought with it over Maruti, had an alliance with GM and in two wheeler space with Kawasaki, the last of which came to nothing.