MotoGP is not the only series that Suzuki is withdrawing from.  It is out of the World Superbike series as well.  It will however participate in Motocross and Supercross events officially.  In the World Superbike series, Crescent Suzuki will run a two bike team as a privateer entry.  Crescent Suzuki was the official representative of Suzuki in the British Superbike series till this year.  Crescent Suzuki is run by Paul Denning who was also the manager of the MotoGP team.  Francis Batta who ran the official Suzuki effort in World Superbikes under the Alstare Suzuki team till this year is a bitter man.  Like in MotoGP, Suzuki limited its presence in World Superbikes also to one motorcycle that was ridden by Michel Fabrizio.  Batta has accused Suzuki of playing unfair with him and after 15 years of association ditched him without the slightest hesitation.  The Belgian has said that this is unbecoming of the conduct of a Japanese corporation.  Batta has also revealed that Suzuki is taking back the motorcycles that were with him in the Alstare garage and also all the small parts that they have contributed.  Batta is bitter about Suzuki giving the privateer contract to Crescent rather than himself.  Batta has claimed that the Suzuki motorcycle has not been developed since 2008 and that the existing motorcycles are pretty much worn out.  He said that Denning and Crescent will find it difficult to salvage anything from those motorcycles.  Crescent is partnering with Yoshimura for getting some performance upgrades.  Batta has said that he is retiring from his passion since he has no where else to turn, especially after the promise of running MV Augusta in the World Superbike or Supersport fizzling out.