General Motors is testing the MPV to take on the Maruti Eeco which is doing quite well in the market after it went from being Versa with a high roof and high price to an Eeco with a low roof and and a lower and realistic price.  General Motors wants a share of that market which also sees the Maruti Omni selling in pretty big numbers.  The Wuling MPV will come to India thanks to the tie up that GM has with SAIC, the leading Chinese automobile manufacturer.  It is also interesting that GM India’s long time President and Managing Director Karl Slym is going to China for his next assignment and Lowell Paddock who has been with the Chinese GM operations will be coming to India.  This could mean that GM is seriously trying to work out synergies between the Indian and the Chinese markets, which are considered to the engines of growth for the automobile sector in the years to come.  It is also reflective of GM’s strategy of becoming a mass market player, a reversal of the original strategy of the mid 1990s when it wanted to be at the higher echelons of the automobile ladder and therefore had launched the Opel brand which performed quite dismally.