The Tata Nano when announced was seen as a revolutionary car that would sell so much that the roads would be chock a block with Nano.  The revolutionary car bit is very much true but the second part, the sales success, proved to be untrue with the car becoming a dud. Now after listening to consumer feedback Tata has decided to make some changes to the car.  Most important is the ORVM on the left side door.  The ECU has been tweaked to squeeze out 2-3 PS more power.  The steering also has been improved.  The car will also come in new colours and the top end Nano LX will have beige interiors and better fabric on the seats. New wheel caps on the top end model have also been seen.  Some websites are even reporting that in the next year or so, the Nano will get a new three cylinder petrol engine and a two cylinder diesel as well.  Tata is serious about selling at least, 10,000 units of the Nano every month.  It should be able to achieve that considering the fact that the car is the cheapest, most spacious and offers tremendous value for money.