It sounds bizarre right?  But that is what is saying.  The talks between Yamaha and Mahindra 2 Wheelers are supposedly in the exploratory stage with some conjectures thrown in by about how such a thing may happen.  We are not discounting this rumour at all since a few months ago, carried the news that Yamaha was scouting for a local player who could help with marketing.  Yamaha’s piece of the Indian motorcycle market pie is so minuscule that it has to be seen through a microscope.  Yamaha sells about 30,000 motorcycles per month at an average while Hero MotoCorp sells about 5 lakh units per month at an average.  Yamaha has plans to launch scooters starting next year.  Yamaha has the technological muscle which is absent in the Mahindra group, but they do have marketing ability.  But Mahindra has proved to be an unreliable partner for both Ford and Renault in cars.  Mahindra seems to want to be on its own legs and the fact that it has purchased specialist two wheeler technology has Engines Engineering is perhaps indication of its desire to go it alone.  Also after having taken over Kinetic Engineering, Mahindra has inherited the collaboration with SYM of Taiwan.  All these suggest that Mahindra may want to go it alone, but then the motorcycle market has proved to be difficult to crack with the Stallio collapsing the start line and the Mojo (does anyone still remember it) not even making it till there.  So never say never, you could be riding a Mahindra Yamaha soon.