A few days ago, Ferrari launched its FF in India, so can its arch rival Lamborghini be far behind?  Lamborghini has launched its latest model the Aventador LP700-4 in India on the 3rd of November, 2011 at a price of Rs. 3.69 crores, more than the Ferrari FF’s price of Rs. 3.42 crores.  The LP in the Aventador stands for ‘Longitudinale Posteriori’ or longitudinally placed in the rear, the 700 referring to the horse power and the four to the fact that all the four wheels being driven.  The car is expected to breach the 100 kmph mark from zero in less than three seconds.  So if you have small change that will total nearly four crore rupees, make sure you get this car.  And if you have some more change also get the Ferrari FF.