The Chevrolet brand of cars has turned 100 years old.  The brand gets its name from Louis Chevrolet who was keen on making racing cars that were also affordable.  Chevrolet became a part of General Motors which is the mammoth auto company of America started by William Durant.  Chevrolet has made iconic American muscle cars such as the Camaro and the Corvette.  It was also the first manufacturer to offer cars in many colours when Henry Ford was selling the Model T or the Tin Lizzy only in black.  Chevrolet has been the brand around which the recovery of GM has taken place after GM had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The GM renaissance has been aided spectacularly by Chevrolet cars such as the Cruze, the Optra, the Aveo (not so much in India though), the Spark, the Beat, the Sonic twins and the Sail range of cars in China.  The Sail range is poised to come to India as well.  Chevrolet as a brand has always stood for affordable and cheerful cars and in India too Chevrolet is growing rapidly due to the Beat and the Spark and to an extent the Cruze. Happy birthday Chevrolet.  May many more years roll.